Escape Game X-Dimension, X-Dimension. Paris.
Escape Game X-Dimension, X-Dimension. Paris.
Escape Game X-Dimension, X-Dimension. Paris.

Escape Game X-Dimension

Players 3—6 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 18—30 € per player

About the game X-Dimension

“Clack!” A clear sound of door closing brings the agents back to reality, however, none of them can recognize the distorted world around them and they begin to wonder if they have not lost their sense of reality...

You and your team of secret agents have just been trapped in a deep dream and you have to wake up! You have to escape from that imaginary world and back to reality. You are going to explore each dimension of the dream and collect all the hidden clues.

Can you assemble all those clues and find the final key which will lead you to escape from the dream?


Pay attention to all the small pieces of clues that you can collect in each dimension...

None of the puzzles requires the use of force.

Photos escape game X-Dimension


Address escape game X-Dimension

Paris, 18 Avenue Parmentier
+7 (330) ... Show phone number

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