Escape Game The Prison Break, X-Dimension. Paris.
Escape Game The Prison Break, X-Dimension. Paris.
Escape Game The Prison Break, X-Dimension. Paris.

Escape Game The Prison Break

Players 3—6 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 18—30 € per player

About the game The Prison Break

Several miles off the city centre of San Francisco, in the cold and windy bay, lies the island of Alcatraz. A legendary prison stands on it, one of the most impenetrable penitentiaries in the world.

For twenty-nine years, none of its inmates has been able to escape from there alive. The few who managed to leave the enclosure of the prison all drowned in the icy waters of the bay, and their bodies have never been found.

You are locked in this legendary prison and you are thinking about an ingenious plan to get out of there. ALIVE!

Will you manage to become a legend and escape from this prison while the guards are away?



Good teamwork and communication will save you a lot of time. Pay attention to the laser rays, their sensors are very sensitive! None of the puzzles requires the use of force.

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Address escape game The Prison Break

Paris, 18 Avenue Parmentier
+7 (330) ... Show phone number

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