Escape Game Little Miss Lock, Lock Academy. Paris.
Escape Game Little Miss Lock, Lock Academy. Paris.
Escape Game Little Miss Lock, Lock Academy. Paris.

Escape Game Little Miss Lock

Players 3—5 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 24—32 € per player

About the game Little Miss Lock

Professor Lock is worried. He hasn’t heard from the most talented new Academy recruit: his only daughter, Cher. Its up to you and your team to find her safe and sound.

But before you start your investigations, Professor entrusts you with some information: his daughter was deep into a very large scale investigation. The Professor is convinced his daughter’s disappearance is related to her mysterious search.

The only problem, Cher seems to be her father’s daughter, and finding out her secrets promises to be no easy task! Your goal is simple: find out what Cher Lock was investigating, and find her safe and sound!

By retracing her footsteps, you discover that Cher is not the only one in danger…

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Address escape game Little Miss Lock

Paris, 25 rue Coquillière - 75001 Paris
+33 9 83 ... Show phone number

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